Zebco Splash Combo


Every family has a kid interested in the art of angling. This is where Zebco Splash Combos (fishing rods and reel packages) make a splash! Targeted at future fishos, these rod and reel combos are the perfect choice for a fun-filled fishing experience for kids.

Zebco Splash Combos were voted as the “Best of Show” in the children’s category at ICAST. If that isn’t reason enough to make them a hot item, their lively design and amazing features surely will.

Available in blue and pink, the striking Zebco Splash Combo Rod and Reel line has “fun” written all over it. At the same time, they are also serious fishing tools. The Zebco Splash Combos are professionally constructed for real fishing action with added safety measures to make them virtually childproof. They’re great for getting kids started in fishing and for teaching them the ropes. There is no alternative as good as the Zebco Splash Combo.

Zebco Splash Combos include the dependable 4-foot composite rod and a Zebco Splash Spinning Reel. The rods come fitted with EVA grips to offer extra comfort and grip while the kids perfect their casts. The reels have a ball-bearing drive and the smoothest of gears ensuring the smoothest of operations. The interchangeable left-hand/right-hand retrieve makes sure that everyone gets to have a go.

Zebco Splash Combos are the ultimate choice for the youngest members of the Australian fishing community. There is no better option for teaching kids the basics of angling and to help nurture a love of fishing and the outdoors. The best fishos start off young and the Zebco Splash Combo is the first step on the ladder to greatness!

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