People decide to buy guns for different reasons. It can be for sports, protection, or just for the thrill of owning one. Whatever the reason, how you acquire the gun should be above board, no illegal market purchases, please! That is why we recommend you shop for your firearm at a reputable gun shop in Perth. This article will outline the ins and outs of purchasing firearms in Perth, and what you need to know before you take the step to be a gun owner. This decision comes with tremendous responsibility, and it is important that you are prepared.

Make Sure You Have A Firearms License

In order to buy and own a firearm, you must have a firearms license. To be a licensed firearm holder you need to be above 18 years of age, be of sound mind, have completed a firearms safety training course, and provide documentation detailing the safe storage arrangements you will use to secure the firearm. Having a criminal record will make it difficult to get a license, as regulations state that people convicted in the last 10 years will not be granted licenses. Should you meet the criteria set out, you can proceed to apply for a gun license.

The Firearms Registry is the body responsible for issuing the licenses. Their website provides more information on purchasing, handling, storage, disposal of firearms, and you can also find the requirements attached to owning firearms. The process to get a license usually starts with providing a good reason for having firearm, then filling out an application form which you will hand in with supporting documents like a certificate showing you took a gun safety course or are a member of a gun club.

This process can be made simple if you purchase your weapon from a gun shop in Perth. These shops are more than happy to assist buyers throughout the process of obtaining a firearms license, so that they can use their firearms in Perth legally. Getting a license can take up to 35 days for approval to be granted.


Now that you have decided to own a gun and have applied for a license, it would be good to read up on firearms or have a chat with someone who sells guns in Perth and knows the ins and outs. The gunsmith at a gun shop would be a good choice. Knowing the regulations that govern your state and local municipality gun ownership is also a good start. Being knowledgeable about who can buy guns, which guns citizens are allowed to own, how many guns an individual can own, and where you can buy them and at what price, will make you an informed gun owner.

Do your research online so that you are also conversant about the firearm you want to buy. Having this knowledge will ensure that you are not disappointed once you buy a gun, only to realize it’s not what you expected. While the purchase process for a gun can be difficult and confusing, there is a lot of information out there, particularly in reputable gun shops in Perth. These shops are ready to offer advice and pass on knowledge on gun ownership. One area you should be very keen on having knowledge about is keeping your gun safe, particularly if you have a family. Be sure to ask all these questions at the gun store and make sure you can to keep your gun safe.  Guns are immensely dangerous. They are not toys, and proper caution should be taken to ensure only properly trained persons have access to them at all times.


If you are buying a gun for the first time you may not have the experience on how to handle one. This is however something you can quickly get over by taking the firearms course required for gun ownership. For this, the first step would be finding an experienced gun instructor. If you are buying a weapon at a gun shop in Perth they can refer you to the right people who will give you your first gun experience.

At first, your experience shooting can be startling. Shooting a gun is loud, and many guns kick, which can feel like being shoved or pushed. With the firearm experts in Perth gun shops, you won’t just learn how to shoot properly, you’ll become confident from their experience. You will also know how to handle or avoid potentially dangerous encounters and stay informed on legal issues associated with the use of deadly force and so on.

The beginner training, they offer won’t make you an expert gun handler or marksman, but you will be experienced in basic safety protocol and begin developing proficiency in shooting. You may also find the experience less frightening than you may have imagined when you fire for the first time


From what we have covered so far you can see that there is a lot you need to know when it comes to buying and owning guns. Since you cannot know everything on this matter, never shy away from seeking expert guidance before and after buying your firearm in Perth. Advice from experienced reputable guns for sale shops will help you know, for example, what model of gun to purchase that suits you. From their input you will be able to know which gun is best for your body stature, hand size, whether the weapon is for concealed carry or home defense. Some general guidelines for first-time gun buyers given at gun shops include,

  • Don’t buy a gun because it’s cheap. Go for trusted brands. They may cost a bit more, but you are guaranteed quality. If you can’t afford a new one, try a used recognized brand gun in good condition, but have it looked at by an expert before you use it.
  • The gun you buy should be the one you practice with frequently at the range, to build your confidence and proficiency on how to react quickly and efficiently under pressure.
  • The first gun you buy should be simple but reliable, and you should enjoy practicing with it. New guns may require a break in period (for you, not the gun) before you are familiar with the gun and it is totally dependable.

Accessories and Ammunition

You have bought your gun and are happy with your choice. But your gun ownership journey doesn’t stop there. There are some accessories that are a must have for gun owners and you must buy this to be a responsible owner. You don’t have to buy them all at once though. You can do this over time, but the sooner you get them from gun shops in Perth the better. These accessories include:

  • Ear and Eye protection– Eye protection is necessary. It can help you see better and protects your eyes from powder which can blow back and burn your eyes. Ear protection helps protect your eardrums from permanently getting damaged. A gunshot is loud, and lack of hearing protection will definitely affect your ears. This gear is offered in many gun shops in Perth, so it is up to you to choose what appeals to you, is within your budget and offers you the best protection.
  • Ammunition –For your firearm to work you will need ammunition. There are different kinds of ammunition which perform differently. As a beginner, knowing which ammunition to buy could be confusing, but you will get the hang of it and learn what each type does and when to use it. For example, ammunition used for hunting is different from that used for target shooting.
  • Gun cleaning kit– You need to regularly clean your gun, generally after every session of use. Proper and consistent maintenance will ensure your gun serves you well and lasts longer. A gun should be cleaned and well-oiled; otherwise, it may have reliability issues.
  • Medical kit-This should have items like a chest seal, bandages, rubber gloves etc. Since you are dealing with a weapon that can cause bodily harm, to have a medical kit close when using it makes a lot of sense.
  • Range bag– This will come in handy if you are going for weekly range target practice. With this accessory, you can carry your gun, ammunition, medical kit, gun cleaning kit, water etc. easily. So, having a range bag is definitely a good idea.
  • Extra ammunition– Can you imagine being in a position where you must defend yourself from attack and your ammunition runs out. If you are in such a situation and your pistol run out of ammunition, then it is likely that having a backup set is a plus. There will be regulations on the storage and ownership of extra magazines or clips for your gun, but keeping extra ammunition never hurts.
  • Other accessories you might need are a holster, gun belt, gun oil, rangefinder, etc.

I hope you found the advice here useful and informative.